Fast and convenient

Fast and Convenient

If your due date is quickly approaching, we offer solutions to many of your time-related problems. Whether you're short on time, or simply don't have much to spare, let us help.

Due date soon?

If your court- or DMV-required course completion due date is very soon, don't worry. Simply register now and you can start immediately. Finish in one day if you need to.

Busy schedule?

Our course is perfect for those with busy schedules and little free time. Access our online course from any device with internet access — PC/mobile/tablet. You can start and stop as your schedule allows and your progress is automatically saved. Do it all in one day or a section at a time.

Other concerns?

Not good at tests? No worries! You have unlimited chances to pass our easy open-book, multiple-choice quizzes, and final exam. New to computers? Our course is user-friendly for computer beginners and experts alike. It is simple to navigate — all you need to know is how to point and click.

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