The Virginia Driver Improvement Program and Point System

Understanding the Virginia DMV Driver Improvement Program

The Virginia DMV has put a program in place to encourage safe driving and help prevent accidents. The Virginia Driver Improvement Program consists of a series of points, incentives, and consequences. Drivers are rewarded for taking proactive safety precautions and driving safely, while they are punished for driving in an unsafe manner. All drivers should know how the Virginia DMV point system works so they are prepared for the next time they receive a ticket in Virginia.

Demerit Point

Virginia's point system

In Virginia, the DMV uses a point system to monitor driving behavior. There are two different kinds of points that can be applied to your driving record:

Demerit points

When you receive a traffic citation, demerit points are added to your driving record. These points are negative and are seen as an indication of unsafe driving. Both the DMV and your insurance company may penalize you for having excess points. The number of points added to your driving record depends on your specific moving violation. There are three-point, four-point, and six-point violations. You'll typically receive more points for more serious violations. For example, in Virginia, a speeding ticket can add up to six points to your record depending on how many miles over the speed limit you were driving. In accordance with the Virginia Driver Improvement Program, too many demerit points on your record can result in a driver improvement course requirement or the loss of your driving privileges.

Safe driving points

Unlike demerit points, safe driving points are added to your record as a result of good driving behaviors. For each year licensed drivers avoid receiving traffic violations or suspensions, one “positive” point is added to their record. These points offset demerit points and you can accrue up to five safe driving points on your record at any given time. You can also earn up to five safe driving points by completing a Virginia driver improvement course, such as ours. Keeping a balance of safe driving points is recommended and can help prevent the loss of your driving privileges.

Viewing your point value

Point Total Online

It's a good idea to keep track of the point balance on your driving record. Do this easily by creating a myDMV account on the Virginia DMV website. Keep an eye on your total to avoid license suspensions, penalties, and auto insurance increases.

Clean up your record!

Having excess points can result in mandatory driver improvement course attendance or license suspension. However, the Virginia Driver Improvement Program makes it easy to keep your record clean. Safe driving points are easy to accumulate. Abide by traffic laws and avoid speeding tickets in Virginia and you'll be rewarded with one point every year. To earn up to five safe driving points quickly, simply complete our easy online driver improvement course. You can take our course once every 24 months for more points reductions. Our course is approved by the Virginia DMV and is the simplest way to maintain your driving record.

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