Virginia Online Driver Improvement Certificate of Completion

Driver Improvement Certificate

To receive credit for our Virginia driver improvement course, you will typically be required to submit proof of your completion. We will automatically notify the DMV of your completion on your behalf. We will also send you a certificate of completion to submit to the proper entity or keep for your records.

How should I handle my Certificate of Completion?

Depending on your reason for taking the course, your driver improvement certificate should be handled in one of the following ways:

DMV purposes

If the Virginia DMV has ordered or recommended you complete the course, we will automatically notify your completion. However, you may still be required to submit your certificate to your local DMV branch. Check with the DMV or read your notice to determine the required steps.

Court purposes

If you are taking the course to fulfill a court order or agreement, we inform the DMV of your completion. However, you may be required to submit your certificate to the correct court location. If so, it's your responsibility to submit your certificate before your due date. Most courts allow you to mail it or hand-deliver it, as long as it is received in time. Specific instructions for certificate submission will be provided by the court.

Voluntary purposes (safe driving points)

If you are taking the course to receive up to five safe driving points, we will notify the DMV of your completion. Your local DMV branch may also require submission of your certificate, so be sure to check with them.

Insurance purposes

If you're taking the course for a discount on your auto insurance, check with your insurance provider before you register to make sure they offer these discounts. You'll typically need to submit your certificate as proof. Many allow you to mail or fax it but check with your insurance company to be sure.

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