Introduction to Virginia Driver Improvement Clinics

If this is your first time completing a driver improvement course in Virginia, you may have a few questions about the course, why you need it and how it works. Luckily, we are in the business of simplifying the driver improvement process for drivers all across the state. You’ll find everything you need to know about completing a Virginia driver improvement clinic here, including help getting started!

What is a Virginia Driver Improvement Clinic?

Driver improvement clinics in Virginia are courses that have been designed to refresh your knowledge of safe driving techniques and Traffic Laws. In 2012, there were 123,579 traffic crashes reported in Virginia alone according to the Traffic Crash Facts Report. With traffic crashes occurring once every 4.36 minutes on average and more than 2 lives lost to traffic accidents per day, it is clear that Virginian drivers can benefit from a little traffic safety education. Addressing ways to avoid bad driving decisions like the Top 5 Actions that contributed to Virginia’s traffic crashes in 2012, Virginia driver improvement programs will teach you everything you need to know to protect yourself on the road and decrease the chances of traffic accidents and citations.

Top 5 Causes of Traffic Accidents in Virginia

Why Should I Complete a Virginia Driver Improvement Clinic?

There are a few reasons to complete a Virginia driver improvement clinic, and all of them can be quite beneficial. Whether you will be saving money or improving your record according to the Virginia point system, you’ll love the rewards!


It is common for a court or judge to require that you complete a driver improvement course in order to dismiss your traffic ticket or to reduce traffic citation fees.


The DMV may also require completion of a driver improvement course. Reasons include adult drivers having too many Points on their driving record or youth drivers receiving a Traffic Violation. Failure to complete this DMV requirement may result in the suspension of your driving privileges according to the Virginia Point System.


The Virginia Driver Improvement Program makes it easy to maintain a clean driving record. You can earn up to five safe driving points to counteract any demerit points you have received or may receive in the future. The Virginia point system guidelines allow you to take a driver improvement course once every two years for this purpose.


Many auto insurance providers offer discounts for policy holders who complete a driver improvement clinic. Check with your insurance agent to see if you qualify for this discount.

How Do Virginia Driver Improvement Clinics Work?

The clinics are offered both in classroom settings and Online. The process is typically very simple:

  1. Sign-Up for the course.
  2. Learn the traffic safety lessons and complete an exam.
  3. Submit your Completion Certificate.

Once you have turned in your proof of completion to the appropriate entity, your job is done and you will be entitled to the rewards associated with your purpose. You’ll also have all of the skills you’ll need to drive in a safer way!

What Do You Learn in Virginia Driver Improvement Clinics?

When you complete a driver improvement clinic, you’ll learn skills to help you prevent traffic accidents and receiving moving violations. You’ll learn defensive driving techniques and get a refresher in traffic laws and the Virginia point system. Just some of the topics covered include:

Virginia Point System

How Do I Get Started?

Starting a driver improvement clinic is Easy and convenient when you choose our DMV Approved online program. The course is Quick and allows you to work at your own Pace. Explore this site to learn more about How it Works, or Contact our 24/7 customer service agents at any time!

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